Tails of Lindy’s Comet

Lindy assaulted on the Tandem

Hello, my name is Comet and I am Lindy Hou’s guide dog. Over a cup of tea and some doggy treats I have decided to revamp the newsletter and gear it towards Lindy’s motivational speaking career with exciting events and upcoming news.

I really enjoy going to talks with Lindy. When I enter the room, I become a show stopper. All eyes are on me and I can already feel the after-talk pets and photo opportunities. At least one lucky participant gets to be knocked over with love and cuddles, but everyone gets a goody bag of authentic guide dog Comet fur.

In recent months Lindy has spoken at Telopea Park SchoolThe topic I (actually Lindy) spoke on was “Sense of Purpose”. Year 10 students have to face many challenging decisions such as career path, subjects to study and which college to attend. Lindy was able to share with the students her success and experience to empower them to follow their dreams. I, on the other paw, sat quietly during Lindy’s presentation and then socialised with the students afterwards (out of harness of course). I am keen to take Lindy to many more High Schools to share her stories with other students. Just let Lindy know if you want her to speak at your school.

I remember one girl who was absolutely inspired by Lindy and said, “Thanks, you really inspired me. I want to go into medicine. Now, I believe that I can.” I hope I will go back to this lovely school yearly so I can welcome all the fresh year 10 faces.

Another school Lindy has spoken at was Canberra High. Everyone was very quiet and listened with such enthusiasm that even one of the school supervisors were impressed. She commented that “You certainly got their attention the whole time. They were soaking up everything you said. It is fantastic for them to see you in person. You have achieved all these despite your challenges.” Canberra High Teacher.

Even though I have heard Lindy’s story many times, I have to admit each time is a bit different. She is so motivated in inspiring others to do their best through her personal experiences. I wish everyone would be able to hear her speak at least once!

Some other notable news:
Tandem riding awareness and assaults

A few weeks ago Lindy went to the Vets Cycle Race at Stromlo with Rosemary on the tandem bike. I got woken up from my afternoon nap a few hours later with lots of commotion in the house. I was quite upset when I heard that a hoon drove very close to the pair while they were riding up Coppins Crossing and hit Lindy on her back with some very hard object. Lindy let out some choice words that I can’t repeat here! Rosemary used all her bike handling skills to keep them upright while Lindy got over her pain and shock. A car that travelled behind blocked the view, so Rosemary wasn’t able to get a full description of the hoon car. Without a proper description of the vehicle, it would have been difficult to make a police report.

Fortunately, the driver of the vehicle that blocked Rosemary’s view saw the incident and reported it to the police. The witness also posted details of the incident on the Pedal Power Facebook page. The tandem community was able to connect the incident report to Lindy and Rosemary. Now that there was a witness, Lindy was able to put in her police report as well. Lindy and Rosemary were extremely lucky that they did not come off and hurt themselves badly. I am too scared to think what could have happened!!! Ever since that incident, I have been very anxious whenever Lindy goes out on the tandem. Why can’t people just be nice to each other?

On a brighter note:“Happy 21st Birthday to me!”

The most important thing that happened since the last newsletter was that I have come of age. I turned 21 in doggie years in March, which is 3 human calendar years. I tried to explain to Lindy that, since I am supposed to increase my doggie years by seven every human calendar year, I should have a birthday celebration every 52 days. Lindy told me I have a celebration daily since I am spoiled! As I don’t always agree with Lindy, I took myself down to the local Bowling Club to have my 21st drink.

Lindy probably will tell you a slightly different story. Something like letting me off to have a free run in the park. While she answered a call on her phone and took her attention off me, I followed my nose and found my way toward the Bowling Club. A couple of gentlemen saw me in the car park, checked on my tag and called Lindy. They took me inside to the bar. Before I was able to score my birthday drink, Aunty Sue came in, fetched me and took me back to Lindy.

Ever since that Bowling Club incident, Lindy only lets me off in the park when there are other dogs around who can run with me. The best thing is that she keeps her full attention on me whenever I have a free run.

The other exciting thing was that I went into the RSPCA Million Paws Walk. I heard about this walk from my four-legged friend in Melbourne last year. To ensure I didn’t miss out this year, I quietly put this into Lindy’s calendar. I just want to put my paws out to support animals who are less fortunate than me. I shouldn’t really complain about those early morning breakfast functions and listening to Lindy’s story over and over again! What I have to put up with is nothing compared to those animals that RSPCA has rescued. When I heard how some people treat animals, I wonder who the more intelligent species is! It was an amazing sight when we saw people and dogs filling the 5km circuit around Lake Burley Griffith in support of the Million Paws Walk.

(Please excuse my patches, I ate something I wasn’t supposed to and had an IV drip. I am all bettter now)








I had a wonderful time walking with Lindy and her three friends. More importantly, Joey, my friend from the dog park came along. We shared many smells and news along the 5km walk with dogs big and small. Amazingly, there were no arguments among all the four legged participants. We all happily chatted, smelled and wagged to celebrate all creatures on this planet. If only the humans can take that lesson from us, then there would be no wars in this world!




Our New Email Addresses

As I became of age, I have now got my very own email address  comet@lindyhou.com and Lindy’s new email address is: lindy@lindyhou.com

Please change them on all your computers, laptops, mobile phones and i-Pads etc. Lindy does not get to check the old emails very often, and I don’t want her to miss out on your email.

For those of you who haven’t liked Lindy’s Facebook page. Click here!


“Be nice to others. Treat others the way you like to be treated”

This is the Tail of Lindy’s Comet

Woof Woof
Comet Hou