What do Comet and his friends say?

Comet has been busy searching the internet to see what other dogs are saying. Here is some of what he found:

“If aliens saw a human taking us out walking and picking up our poop, who would they think is in charge?”

“Handle every situation like us. If you can’t eat it or play with it, just leave a mark and walk away.”

“The reason we have so many friends is that we wag our tail instead of our tongue.”

“If we are fat, our owners must need more exercise. Unless we managed to find an entry to our food source without the knowledge of our owners!”

“To err is human — we just forgive.”

“We can express more with our tail in minutes than our owner can express with their tongues in hours.”

“You can trust us to guide you to places but never trust us to guide you to your sandwiches.”