Tails of Lindy’s Comet

Busy few months

Hi, Since my last newsletter in July, I have been keeping busy with weight training, fun runs, snow play with Ginny, a holiday with my puppy family and even tried my paws as an apprentice plumber.

 Comet tries his paw as an apprentice plumber

 Comet and Lindy on the Sydney Harbour Bridge during the 2017 Blackmore’s Sydney run

 Comet at the bay with his puppy family

 Comet preparing to lift weights

Retina Australia ACT – Fundraising Race Day

As most of you know, Lindy has a degenerative eye condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). Retina Australia ACT is hosting a Fundraising Race Day event that raises funds toward research and support for people who are affected by genetic degenerative eye conditions. These conditions include; Retinitis Pigmentosa, Macular Degeneration, Stargardt Disease, Usher Syndrome and many other degenerative eye conditions. In Australia, at least 1/1000 people have a type of degenerative eye condition.

Lindy’s dream is to see a cure for these conditions so that people like her will not have to face the prospect of losing their sight. I don’t mind losing my job as a Guide Dog if it means Lindy regains her sight. I am sure I can find another job… probably not as a plumber!

If you live in or near Canberra, you may like to come along to this Fundraising Race Day:

Date: Sunday 19th November at Thoroughbred Park from 12 noon
Cost: $75 includes lavish two course lunch and welcome champagne
Organiser: Jan James

You can also contact Lindy to arrange tickets. Please don’t wait as the tickets may be sold out in the meantime. Oh! I overheard at the planning meeting that Lindy will be the lunchtime speaker. She will keep it short and sweet as she needs to fit her speech in between races. (Though I really don’t mind longer speeches, as this gives me time to catch up on my doggie naps). However, on this occasion, if we can raise lots of money for research, I don’t mind sacrificing my naps for the cause.

My Sydney Holiday

When Lindy went overseas for 10 days, I got to stay with my puppy family in Abbotsford. I had lots of walks, attention and plenty of naps in the Sydney sunshine.

I remember going on a 7 km walk at the Iron Cove and having to slow down for my puppy mum and her friend. A dog park which I ran hell for leather with my furry mates, catching a nap under the table during the humans coffee dates and playing with a guide dog in training.

The highlight of the week was when I caught up with my brother Chips. We exchanged stories about what we have been doing since Guide Dog School. I guess I made the most of my social calendar during those 10 days. It was wonderful to spend the time with the family that brought me up and show them that I have grown into a responsible Guide Dog. Of course, I managed to sneak some sandwiches and cat food that were not guarded as I am still a Labrador after all!


“Innovations and discoveries are made because we believe anything is possible. Sometimes we just have to lend a helping paws.”

This is the tail of Lindy’s Comet

Woof Woof
Comet Hou