Tails of Lindy’s Comet

My holiday in Sydney with my puppy raising family – March 2024

Tim lying curled up on the left with Comet lying behind on a fleece covered day bed
Labradors Comet and Tim lying together on a day bed

In January, Mum and I travelled up to Sydney with some 20 members of the family who were going on a cruise to New Zealand. We all arrived at Central Station where I was met by my puppy raising mum Jacqui and her family. I was off to spend two weeks with them and have my own holiday before starting chemo.

I enjoyed greeting all the family and playing with Tim, their caramel-coloured 4 year old labrador. We soon became engaged in many fun, intense tug-of-war games over fluffy toys and rings – the toys lost!

I was also reunited with Belle, the family’s cat from my puppy raising days. She seemed quite shy at first but eventually gave me a few nose kisses.

Tim lying down on the right with some toy rings between his paws with Comet lying beside him waiting for the best time to grab the rings to play tug of war
Tim with toy rings and Comet getting ready for tug of war

I went on many walks, park plays and cafe outings with Tim.  One outing included having a doglato, which I loved.

Comet on the left and Tim on the right sitting down outside the car looking up at Jacqui, Comet's puppy mum
Sitting waiting to go to a cafe looking up at Jacqui, Comet’s puppy raising mum








On another day Tim and I both roamed through and went swimming at Sydney Park, as it had great off leash dog areas and ponds to play in. I showed off my swimming prowess to Tim trying to get him to join me in the water.

Comet lying in front of a wooden bench on the left with Tim just in front of him on the right with a harbourside view behind
Comet and Tim resting during a park walk
Comet in the centre swimming across a pond in front of a waterfall in Sydney Park with Tim at the front on rocks deciding whether or not to join Comet
Comet showing off his swimming prowess to Tim.
Tim at the far end of the room on a day bed covered in a blanket and Comet at the other end curled up with another blanket over him
Tim and Comet recovering after a rainy walk

In the garden I found a great dirt bath to lie in. On another occasion after a rainy walk we both curled up in our beds with a blanket on to dry off and chill out.

Comet lying in a pile of dirt against some concrete with his tongue lolling out
Comet’s dirt bath

I now have a confession to make.  During my stay I caught my eye on a packet of pigs ears stored in a place I could get to. When the time was right, with no-one around, Tim and I transported the packet into the backyard and shared this ‘lucky’ find.  We quickly demolished the contents but unfortunately were found out as we had left the empty bag nearby.  I have to report that Tim had a slightly upset stomach while I was fine.  While we were told off sternly by our puppy mum, we had had a great time.

Lindy standing outside Central Station with Comet on a lead sitting to her left
Back at Central Station meeting up with my mum Lindy



The time whizzed by and before long it was time to go back to Central Station and be reunited with Mum.  I had such a great time with my first family, but now it was lovely to be back where I belong helping to guide Mum around.



“Take joy in life: enjoy every moment of every day.”

This is the tail of Lindy’s Comet.


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