Corporate Testimonials

Diversity and inclusion, presentation to ASIO staff, June 2019

“Lindy was engaging, with a balance of humour that underpinned a serious message. Her talk was well attended, and Lindy captured the audience with experiences that demonstrated success despite adversity, through determination and commitment. She is a talented storyteller with a positive message that resonates with everyone.”

“Lindy’s presentation was warmly received by all whom I talked to about it. I felt she gave great insights into the impacts of non-inclusive treatment at work when she described her negative experiences after telling her employer about her condition and being overlooked for training and development opportunities. Another aspect that resonated with me was her determination and courage in the face of very difficult conditions such as having to travel long distances to training every day. She was incredibly motivational at the personal level.”

“I found Lindy to be an entertaining and engaging speaker. Her can-do attitude was motivating and inspiring – and it was highlighted perfectly by guide dog Comet’s totally relaxed, can’t-keep-eye-open attitude!”

“I really enjoyed Lindy’s presentation. Lindy retold her story with serenity and humour. Lindy’s presentation inspired me, hearing that despite numerous setbacks she continued to not give up. I was engaged and emotional to hear her struggles and her achievements. I found myself both crying and laughing in her presentation. Lindy is a very engaging speaker and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing her story, meeting Comet and holding her Olympic medals.”

Guangzhou, China, March 2018

Fiona and Lindy at the Guangzhou Consulate
Fiona and Lindy at the Guangzhou Consulate

“Ms Lindy Hou was a keynote speaker at several events organised by the Australian Consulate-General in Guangzhou to mark International Women’s Day. Her personal story of positivity and resilience in facing adversity resonated strongly with both blind and sighted audiences.”

“Our local staff were particularly thrilled at the opportunity to meet a Paralympic champion in person and see her medals. Ms Hou also spoke with enthusiasm and humour to a large group of high school students and teachers at the Guangzhou School for the Blind, enabling them to speak with confidence about their own hopes and dreams.”

“It was a great pleasure to host Ms Hou – she was personally recommended to us as an inspirational achiever, and she did not disappoint!”

Fiona Cochaud, Deputy Head of Post,
Australian Consulate-General, Guangzhou

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2010

Prudential Malaysia Insurance Company’s national conference held in Kuala Lumpur was attended by 5,400 insurance agents and staff. Lindy Hou’s 90-minute presentation as keynote speaker received a standing ovation. When she described her Gold Medal Winning ride in Athens, her audience was so taken into the moment that they cheered and screamed them to the finish line! She relived that moment fully with the support of her audience.

Feedback from Charlie Oropeza, the CEO of the company: “It was very inspiring to hear how you managed to rise above the challenges that you faced. This could have been a ‘heavy’ presentation. Your humorous and down-to-earth delivery was very effective. We will keep you in mind for future engagements and share your information with our colleagues around the region.”

Mater Hospital Brisbane, 2012

Leadership workshop for the Mater Hospital Brisbane operating theatre team

Comments from senior nursing staff:

“Your story is truly inspirational, thank you for sharing with the operating theatre team. It is amazing to remind us what we can all achieve with focus.”

“Thank you, Lindy, for sharing your life experiences with us, you are very inspirational. You have helped me to look at my own experiences and to maybe share them with others, therefore, helping them.”

Commonwealth Bank

I thought Lindy’s presentation today was excellent. The way she related what she was going through, her goals, her dream and her ambitions, to our organisation’s goals was fantastic.

Siem Reap, Cambodia, 2009

Lindy Hou was the keynote speaker at the Prudential Asia Regional Health and Protection Sales Convention in 2009 that was attended by the top sales advisers and managers from 11 countries: China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. These top sales advisors look after over 200,000 agents in the Asia region. It was the first time that Lindy presented with the help of simultaneous interpreters.

She ‘walked the talk’ by joining a group of attendees to negotiate hundreds of steps of the world famous Angkor Wat Temples assisted by her trusty white cane. She showed that language and disability are no barriers to success. A comment from one of the interpreters was: “You were fantastic and rated among one of the top speakers with whom I have worked over many years.”