Schools Testimonials

Telopea Park High School, Year 10

Selected comments from 50 students on the impact of Lindy Hou’s presentation:

  • It made me realise that life is too short to not push yourself and achieve a goal or a dream of yours.
  • It made a great impact on me and my mindset towards achieving and making goals. It has improved me as a person and I believe it has contributed towards my passion to achieve my goals. It inspired me to be happier and to try my best to reach happiness and fulfilment in life.
  • It taught me that no matter what obstacles you face, if you really try, you will be able to accomplish whatever you wish to accomplish.

How can you relate Lindy’s talk to what you’ve learn about Sense of Purpose:

  • Strive for the best in the circumstances which are available to you right now.
  • Nothing is impossible, despite the odds, if you have a purpose and goal to do something
  • Lindy used as many tools as possible to achieve her dream of participating in the Olympics, which relates to the sense of purpose in the send of wanting to achieve a dream and doing whatever it takes to achieve that sense of meaning and purpose
  • I feel like I didn’t understand how to achieve happiness and wanted to get there by doing things to get money. I now know what aspects I need to work to achieve true happiness rather than always feeling incomplete.
  • I believe her speech has expanded my view on things I need to achieve in life. I have a broader view of what can make me happy. I am more inspired to achieve great things.
  • Follow your passion no matter how hard it is.

Other general comments or feedback:

  • Your journey is truly amazing. Thank you for coming to talk to us.
  • It was really funny and I think a good talk for teenagers.
  • She was a really good talker and tried to relate to teenage experiences through humour and light-heartedness.

Comment from Year 10 coordinator, Telopea Park High School:

Thank you for sharing your experiences with our Year 10 students. Your message is perfect, and a wonderful guide for our young people as they prepare to forge their own path.

Year 10 students, 10 May 2019 Topic: Sense of Purpose

Hawker College Senior Leadership Group

Keynote speaker at TeddyX talks at Hawker College
Keynote speaker at TeddyX talks at Hawker College

Lindy Hou is a genuine hero and inspiration. Lindy was the keynote speaker for Hawker College’s ‘TEDDY Talks’, setting the tone for a successful event. Engaging an audience of college students and members of the wider community, Lindy’s presentation was funny, insightful and motivational. Highlights included Lindy’s re-creation of the moment she won gold at the Athens Paralympics and encouraging audience members to shake their neighbour’s hand with their eyes closed.

At the end of a 45-minute presentation, Lindy welcomed questions from the floor, which included a beautiful discourse with Ngunnawal woman Aunty Violet, where she invited Lindy to share her motivational speech at an event for Indigenous youth. The beauty of Lindy’s presentation is that it addresses and engages all people irrespective of age or life experience. Absolutely would have Lindy speak again. Thank you!

Ineka on behalf of the Hawker College Senior Leadership Group, 2016

Kaleen Primary

Thank you so much for your time and presentation last Friday. Student and staff feedback was overwhelmingly positive. They loved seeing your medals and sharing in your story of grit and perseverance. It was a great alignment to help our students understand different perspectives and to our social and emotional focus this semester about courage and saying “I can”.

Laurie Campbell, Principal, Kaleen Primary, 2016

Ngunnawal Primary

Thank you so much for visiting 2SL on Friday. I think that I was just as excited as the students to meet you and to hear your story. We will definitely be following up your visit with an activity about students working out what their dream is so that they can work towards achieving it. It was a great privilege to meet a Paralympic champion.

Laurie Imhoff, Ngunnawal Primary, 2016

‘Schoolgirls breakfast with the stars’ event

Lindy has been a panellist for the Womensport & Recreation NSW ‘Schoolgirls breakfast with the stars’ event for a number of years.

“Lindy Hou has been an inspiration as a panellist and as a guest speaker at our metropolitan and regional ‘Schoolgirls Breakfast with the Stars’. Lindy as a role model and with her sporting achievements has impressed and motivated schoolgirls to continue their involvement in sport and physical activities.”

Helen Lowe, Womensport & Recreation NSW, 2009