Tails of Lindy’s Comet

Lindy’s Tribute to Comet the Guide Dog

My beautiful boy Comet is now at peace

Comet left us at 7.15 pm on 6 June 2024 surrounded by his puppy mum Jacqui, beloved auntie Polly and I by his side.

He gave a brave fight against cancer for nearly 6 months.

He recovered well from the operation on 15 December after having a large tumour removed  from his stomach.

He had a lovely holiday in January with his puppy raising family while I went on a cruise with my family.

Comet enjoyed exciting play time with their labrador, Tim, and had swims and long walks around the suburb where he spent his puppy days.

Comet commenced his Chemo treatments at the end of January. He did not mind going to the clinic for his treatment. He greeted the nurses and vet with big wags and left the clinic each time with his wagging tail even when he was under a bit of sedation.

Labrador lying on a rug looking up with Lindy sitting down on the floor beside him with her right hand resting on him
Lindy and Comet on Thursday afternoon in the sun

On Thursday 30 May, we received the test result to confirm the cancer had spread through his abdomen region and nothing more could be done and to just keep him comfortable.

In his last week, he enjoyed lots of favourite food and treats and still wagged his tail when family and friends came to visit.

Despite his discomfort, he still cared for me by ensuring we took the safest path on our small walks when he was still able to walk around.

He licked up our tears and put his paw on our hand to comfort us.

Dr Ashlee from Sunset Vets ensured that Comet left us in a calm, peaceful and beautiful manner.

21 days and 21 minutes after my great friend Jackie left us, Comet crossed the rainbow bridge to join her.

Labrador lying peacefully on a crochet rug with another rug over him and head on a satin pillow with Lindy bending over him and patting his head
Comet at peace

My beautiful boy Comet, thank you for being such a wonderful guide dog and a great companion.

In your short 10 years and 3 months, you gave me, Auntie Polly and puppy mum Jacqui lots of joy. You had won hearts wherever you went. You taught us lessons on loyalty, trust, caring, forgiving, persistence and many more.

May you rest in peace.

In memory of Comet, Auntie Polly has set up a tribute page to support the next generation of Guide Dogs.

The link is: Guide Dogs NSW/ACT – In Memory | Remembering Comet Hou


“Take joy in life: enjoy every moment of every day.”

This is the final tail of Lindy’s Comet.


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