Motivational Speaker

What makes Lindy Hou stand out?

Lindy’s motivational talks come from her deeply emotional, personal experience.

“Making the best of our ability to perform our personal best” is Lindy’s motto. She uses this to share with her audience her journey to create success and overcome challenges.

Australia Day Ambassador in Jindabyne, 2016
Australia Day Ambassador in Jindabyne, 2016

Lindy’s extensive experience allows her to relate to people of all backgrounds. Her inspirational presentations enthuse everyone from the top end of business to school children as well as community groups.

Over the last few years Lindy has had the opportunity to speak in front of diverse groups of all ages, including corporate, school and community groups. Because she believes that staying positive in life is the foundation to success both in business and in life, Lindy loves the challenge and fulfillment of these presentations and looks forward to every opportunity to share her life experience and motivate others.

“When I realised that being down and out got me nowhere, I decided to dig myself out of the hole and do the best that I could with what I have. I share the lowest point in my life to show that, when I changed my attitude, I began the journey of success.”

Lindy is able to engage her audience to look at challenges that they, too, have to face in life and help them to use these challenges as stepping stones to the next chapter in their lives.

University student lectures

Over the last 6 years Lindy Hou has delivered a guest lecture to Master of Occupational Therapy students who are studying an assistive technology subject. Every year Lindy has delivered an inspirational presentation based upon her life, the challenges her visual impairment has posed and the way she has dealt with these challenges. The message Lindy gives in her presentation around overcoming adversity, perseverance, commitment and success is a message that is relevant to all age groups.

Testimonial from Dr Stephen Isbel, The University of Canberra Hospital, August 2021

“I can thoroughly recommend Lindy as a speaker to any group who is looking for an inspirational person to deliver content that is relevant, engaging and resonates with all age groups.”

Corporate presentations

During her corporate life, Lindy presented papers at conferences and ran many training courses. The experience gained during this time allowed Lindy to build a solid foundation for public speaking, especially in the corporate world where she understands the issues and challenges they face. When you book Lindy to be the keynote speaker at your conference or to open your training workshop, she will help steer a successful event.

Some of the topics that Lindy can present:

  • Goal setting to achieve your life dream.
  • The Winning Team through Teamwork.
  • Overcoming setbacks and staying positive in life.

Testimonial from Guangzhou, China, March 2018  

“Lindy’s personal story of positivity and resilience in facing adversity resonated strongly with both blind and sighted audiences. …”

Fiona Cochaud, Deputy Head of Post,
Australian Consulate-General, Guangzhou

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Speaking to community groups

Lindy loves sharing her story at fundraising events for charities, social events at community clubs such as Rotary, Lion’s and Probus clubs.

Some comments received from Melba Shed’s members were: ”Impressive”, “She is a good speaker”, “I liked the way she brought humour into her talk”“I liked the emotion she showed. It moved me.”

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Past presentations

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