Tails of Lindy’s Comet

Grateful Giving during PAWGUST – August 2023

It is finally the time of year where I get to be the star of the show – PAWGUST as well as 100 years of Legacy. That’s why it is the perfect time to talk about giving. In between all of this generosity, my paws have gotten into, Lindy competed in the Townsville Duathlon with Simone.

Lindy and Simone smiling at the camera wearing their race clothes in front of the beach.
Simone and Lindy after the duathlon.

Townsville Duathlon

Just in time for the August 19th race date, Lindy and I headed up to Townsville for the Townsville Duathlon. I made it my

responsibility to keep the support crew of Aunties Polly, Maureen and Jenni busy looking after me while the race was happening. Poor Lindy and Simone had a hard time in the race – the course was definitely not ideal for blind people and their guides. I would have had a hard job making sure Lindy stayed on the winding footpath and didn’t crash into incoming runners. Despite Simone’s best efforts to help Lindy avoid the witches’ hats, Lindy still managed to find a few cones as they ran. Maybe Lindy was just practising her kicking skills because she was inspired by the Matilda’s World Cup efforts. Unfortunately, no one had the heart to tell them that the cones were meant to divide the path for runners to keep to the left.

After the 5km run, the pair transitioned to the tandem and embarked on the 20km ride on the streets surrounding Strand Park. Simone did a wonderful job handling the tandem on the 4 x 5km bike course that had 2 U-turns and plenty of narrow corners on narrow streets. The first two laps had extra riders that started earlier, so it made it even more challenging. They were able to go faster during the second half of the ride once many of those athletes left the bike course. The pair then finished up the race with the 2.5km run. I was very glad to lead the cheer squad instead of guiding Lindy on that path.

Polly, Jenni, Lindy and Maureen sitting at a picnic table smiling at the camera
Jenni, Lindy, Polly and Maureen at a picnic.

The weekend was made even more memorable when we got to celebrate Polly’s birthday, cheer on Maureen and Polly during their AQUATHLON and catch up with Jenni, who went to high school with Lindy and Maureen. I enjoyed our BBQ lunch on Sunday at Riverside Park. There was a cool rock pool where Polly did some laps while the others got their feet wet. Lindy and I chilled at the picnic table while enjoying the Townsville Warmth. I promise I didn’t sneak any food off the table.


My favourite time of year is PAWGUST because it is all about me! This time of year, lots of paws and legs sign up to walk different distances throughout the month of August to raise money to support Guide Dogs Australia and New Zealand. Lindy and I  are currently participating and aimed to walk or jog 100km during the month. Unfortunately, Lindy had a bit of a mishap on the tandem in early August and had to take it easy for a few days; I, on the other paw, still managed to keep my steps up with the help of Aunty Polly. I am so grateful to all of the supporters who have donated to Guide Dogs to help train more puppies and get vision-impaired people resources to live their best lives. If you want to support us during PAWGUST, you can donate through https://www.pawgust.com.au/fundraisers/lindyhou, and it will keep my tail wagging plenty on our walks.

100 Years of Legacy

Comet facing away from the camera wearing a blue and white Legacy scarf around his neck
Comet showing off his legacy scarf.

It is currently the 100th anniversary of Legacy. It was born from the trenches of the Western Front during World War I, as one soldier said to his dying mate, “I’ll look after the missus and kids”. This became known as The Promise. In 1923, the first legacy club in Australia was formed to help the widows and children of the veterans who lost their lives while serving their country. The Legacy Centenary Torch Relay began in Pozieres, France, on the 23rd of April, then travelled to London and finally all 44 Legacy Clubs in Australia. The torch travelled through Canberra on Monday, 28th August.

We went with Aunty Polly to the Last Post at the War Memorial on Sunday evening as a moving tribute to Private Martin Conrad Stephensen, who passed away during the First World War. I was an honourary Legatee when I got to wear the Legatee scarf for the ceremony. Alongside the torch relay, it is also Legacy Week, where people are encouraged to donate to the work that Legacy does to support the families of those who give their lives serving the country. If you would like to learn more or donate to their cause, you can visit their website https://www.legacy.com.au/centenary/

Even though we can sometimes feel separate from other people, it is always good to remind ourselves of what we can do to support others. I know that I feel better knowing someone else is doing a little better because of me; that is why they say giving is receiving. When we give our time, compassion, or whatever else we can share, we receive so much more in return. Our precious gift can always make someone else feel worthy, and that makes it all worthwhile.


“Moving is always better than staying still”

This is the tail of Lindy’s Comet


Woof Woof

Comet Hou