Comet wearing his Pawgust bandana
Tails of Lindy’s Comet


This August I’ll get Lindy out to brave the cold and walk at least 30 minutes every day in order to raise funds for Guide Dogs in the PAWGUST challenge.

Our walking challenge starts this weekend and we are doing this to help create a world where everyone who needs a Guide Dog has a Guide Dog.  Every hour of every day, an Aussie family learns their loved one will have severe or permanent sight loss. Nine of these Aussies will eventually go blind.

I was fortunate to have been raised by a wonderful puppy family and then went on to have my Guide Dogs Education. I am just doing my bit to raise the next generation of Guide Dogs so that they can help people like Lindy.

Please donate to support our challenge now:

Lindy standing in front of her home carrying a BBQ chicks in one hand and with guide dog Comet wearing a Pawgust bandana on a lead in her other hand
Lindy and Comet having found their way home with Sunday lunch for the humans.

My first day for Pawgust

I took Lindy to our local supermarket to get a roast chicken for lunch. Just to be sure that we clock up more km than intended for our Pawgust Challenge, I took Lindy on a longer route back home. I am taking advantage of Lindy while she is still finding her way around the shops in the next suburb.

Lindy and I are taking some more lessons this week, so she knows when I decide to take a different way home and correct me! Guide Dogs instructors do more than teach us how to guide people, they also teach our humans how to support us to do a good job.

Cultural Education at the Galleries

A couple of weeks ago, I along with three other Guide Dogs when along to the National Portrait Gallery to see the “Australian Love Stories” exhibition.

We were accompanied by our handlers and volunteers. The Gallery staff were fantastic with the descriptions of each portrait. While the humans enjoyed the description and art, we took the opportunity to nap in front of the art works.

Three out of four guide dogs hard at work asleep
Only Zeke listening to the curator describing works at the Portrait Gallery with Comet, Jazzy and Clooney fast asleep. What a tough life being a guide dog.

Comet lying down with head towards the camera with Zeke on the back left looking around, Jazzy the black lab lying down and Clooney flat out snoozing
Comet and three guide dog friends Zeke, Jazzy and Clooney with their handlers at the Portrait Gallery

I also took Lindy to the National Gallery of Australia a couple of Sundays ago to visit “the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Collection”. Lindy & I were surprised to hear the description of the art on display and in particular the artwork from Central Australia. Through the description from the Gallery volunteer, Lindy was able to ‘see’ the scenery when she first went to visit that part of the country some 25 years ago.

Lindy was fortunate enough to travel through that part of the country when she first became legally blind. In 1996, Lindy still had enough sight to appreciate the colour and landscape, she just didn’t had enough sight to drive a car then! The description brought out those memories for Lindy. I was fortunate to join Lindy and her family to travel through that part of the country a few years ago. I was glad that I was able to sit in the car and lay around most of the trip.

Theatre and Music

In June, Music at Midday was held in the Canberra Theatre by the Royal Military Band. Instead of playing military music, the band played Disney and songs that brought back childhood memories to the audience. I tried to nap but the exciting and playful songs kept me awake.

Tokyo Paralympic Games

The best thing about the Olympic Games is that I can sit around the lounge while Lindy watch the games on TV. I can’t wait until the start of the Paralympic Games when we can also cheer on our Paralympians.

Comet lying on the lounge asleep with his right front and rear legs and paws hanging off the sofa
Comet snoozing half on and off the lounge

Lindy has been busy researching the Paralympians who will be at Tokyo Games. She along with Matt will be hosting a mini series for Guide Dogs client during the games.

As the name suggested, live life to the fullest through exercise and sports” is aim to enable Guide Dogs clients to live life to the fullest.


“Let’s all PAWS together and supPAWt Guide Dog Puppies”

This is the tail of Lindy’s Comet


Woof Woof
Comet Hou