Christmas greetings
Tails of Lindy’s Comet

2020 Christmas greetings from Lindy and Comet

Now that 2020 is nearly over, Lindy and I wish you all a full and fulfilling 2021.

I along with Santa and all his helpers have received the quarantine exemption from the health departments as we are all essential workers. So onward sleigh we will pull on Christmas Eve! Of course, we will follow the physical distancing rule and just drop presents through the chimney.

Lindy and I have been very fortunate this year, despite what has been happening in the world. Sure, we have had to make some adjustments when we meet people – Keeping physical distances, elbow bumping instead of handshakes, zoom and phone meetings etc. I even keep a bit of distance from my 4-legged mates in the park – well, I still can’t help playing chasing with some of the young ones when I am off leash. However, we still maintain social connection through various means such as Guide Dogs’ Chatter Paws.

Comet and Lindy paddling at the beach with Debbie braving the water.

Lindy and I managed to fill 2020 with lots of activities. They are:

  • Australia Day ambassador at the Picton Botanic Gardens;
  • Lindy celebrated her Birthday milestone while I keep an eye on young family members;
  • Earlier in the year just before Covid, Lindy went on a family cruise while I had a holiday with my puppy raising family;
  • Lindy established the world half marathon record on the Concept 2 rowing  machine in the Adaptive category (vision Impaired master age group);
  • Holiday down at the beach with family in November.
  • We raised much-needed funds for Guide Dogs through our walks during the Pawgust month. Lindy and I also kept up the Pawgust walks through the year to maintain my fitness;
  • Lindy had her first zoom speaking presentation  to the Mosman Rotary Club in October. I can’t wait until she does face-to-face presentations again so I can go along and help her;
  • I starred in an Accessibility Video for Belconnen Art Centre while Lindy played a minor role in this short film. The link for this is:
  • Continuing on my cultural education, I took Lindy to attend the ‘Know My Name: Australian Women Artists’ art description tour at the National Gallery.
Zeke relaxing and Comet looking at the came in front of an exhibit
Guide dog Zeke and me listening attentively to Annemarie and Adrienne.
  • Lindy also established a few other Adaptive age group records during the Australian Indoor Rowing Championships in October;

    Keeping a close eye on Lindy from a relaxed position while she races on the indoor rowing machine
    Supervising Lindy racing on the rowing machine
  • I witnessed the Virtual Oceania Championships in December at the ACT Institute of Sport rowing shed. I am keeping my paws crossed that her time will qualify her for the World Virtual Championships to be held in February 2021;
  • Lindy and I are going to Bathurst for Australia Day as we are the 2021 Australia Day Ambassador for the Bathurst Council. We are very excited to be able to catch up with Toireasa and her family. Toireasa was Lindy’s pilot for a couple of Paralympic Games and Para World Championships.


  • Among all these activities, we are also moving house in January, which I will tell you all about it in the New Year in my next Tale. In the meantime I must go through my toy box and, more importantly, make sure all my food and doggie supplies are packed. Photo below of Lindy, Auntie Polly and I inspecting our new kitchen.
Lindy and Auntie Polly standing with me in between showing off our new kitchen
Lindy, Auntie Polly and I inspecting our new kitchen



When SHxxs happen, they make things grow.
Let whatever happened in 2020 make 2021 grow.

This is the tail of Lindy’s Comet


Woof Woof

Comet Hou