Comet and Zeke the guide dog being friends sitting with their persons at the National Gallery of Australia in front of an artwork of terracotta statures of buildings
Tails of Lindy’s Comet

Pawing the Map – April 2023

Wow. It has been an eventful few months since I last talked to you. My paws have been all over the map. Getting out and about on more than just my regular walks has meant I have been able to see some amazing things and meet some incredible people.

Travelling about

Lindy and I first went to the Narrandera Shire Council for Australia Day with Aunty Ros. It was west of Canberra and I found the best place was snoozing in the back seat for about 3 hours.

We were around so much water while we were there (which was surprising because the Narrandera Shire is nowhere near the beach). We went to Lake Talbot Water Park in the morning and then the Barellan Swimming Pool in the afternoon. I haven’t managed to find a swimming cap big enough to cover all of my doggy hair, so I just chilled out by the side of the pool, but if anyone knows of someone who makes doggy swim caps, I would be very interested in getting my fur wet.

While we were there we found out that Mayor Neville Kschenka is a very talented musician as well as being mayor. When one of the band members performing felt sick, the mayor helped out and played with them next to the Barellan Swimming Pool. Me and Lindy both bopped our heads along as they played.

My personal favourite part of the weekend was spending time at Mayor Kschenka’s house with a couple of 4 legged friends while Lindy and Ros went out for a tandem bike ride

Lindy sitting with three of the the Citizens of the Year for 2023 in front of a garden
Lindy with the Citizens of the Year 2023

Scientific Discoveries

While it was still the school holidays, Lindy and I took three of the great nieces out to Questacon for the day (with a little help from an older cousin). We learned about so many different types of science. We got to touch a moon rock, and learn how a little bird could balance on our fingers with only its beak, and watch the kids move building bricks to make things at Mini Q. We even met another four-legged friend who was learning to help someone else out in the big world. We had milkshakes and coffees and tired ourselves out for the whole day.

Doggy Tea

In February, Lindy and I went to a Guide Dogs morning tea. We got to see how life-changing a guide dog can be (which I already know, being a Guide Dog means I get unlimited treats). We got to hear from someone who shared their story of living with sight loss. We also got to hear from an orientation and mobility specialist. It was so nice to hear from other people and see what a great job all of my coworkers and I do making sure people like Lindy can live the best life possible. The best bit for me was meeting the next generation of guide dog puppies.

Other travels around

We got up to plenty of other things as wells. We got to see see the Canberra Blind Society launch both the Women’s Safety Program and the new Hospital Kit. We saw several descriptive tours of art exhibits, as well as seeing Ahn Do and Julia at the Canberra Theatre with audio description. At the National Gallery of Australia I got to meet up with some furry friends and have a quick photo shoot in between adoring all of the artworks.

Comet and Zeke the guide dog being friends sitting with their persons at the National Gallery of Australia in front of an artwork of terracotta statures of buildings
Lindy and Comet with friends at the NGA

There are too many fun things to go into detail about, but I have realised that being out and about and seeing things means I can always get my nose into different smells and take Lindy to so many things that make her smile.


“Moving is always better than staying still”

This is the tail of Lindy’s Comet


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