Comet relaxing on holiday
Tails of Lindy’s Comet

Holiday with my Puppy Raising Family

Lindy went on a cruise early in March and I spent a wonderful and relaxing holiday in Sydney with my Puppy Family. It is always nice to spend time with the kids, play with the cat that I grew up with, catch up with all my four-legged mates in the park and especially being spoilt with love from my puppy mum and dad. Like Lindy, my puppy mum had also  managed to break her foot, but fortunately the rest of my puppy family kept me well walked.

When Lindy returned from the illness free ship, I was really glad to see her. I learnt a new greeting method when my puppy dad bumped elbow with Lindy when they met to hand me over. I heard new terms such as social distancing. Although my doggie mates and I have not been required to social distance from each other, we thought we should also practice social distancing to protect our human mates. You never know if any infected particle may have fallen on our coat. We don’t want to spread the infection through our body either.

I am enjoying lots of long walks with Lindy. She is staying at home mostly, except for taking me out walking. Instead of going to do weights, riding her tandem on the road and rowing the boat on the lake, Lindy now spends more time in the garage riding on the stationary bike, rowing on the rowing erg and pushing a few dumb bells around. I, on the other Paw, just enjoy more time at home sleeping and getting lots of pats.

Photos of Comet enjoying his holiday

Comet in seventh heaven asleep on lounge with head on legs of family





Comet in a close-up with family





Thanks to all my dog walkers

At the end of January, Lindy fractured her foot which meant she wasn’t able to take me for a walk while she was recovering from the fracture. As I was pondering  how I would get my daily exercise, many friends came to my rescue. I got at least one walk everyday. Most days I was taken out twice and even got three walks one day!

I had that many offers that Lindy was kept busy doing a walking schedule to ensure I was available to be walked by as many people as possible! I am so blessed that so many people cared about me. The day I missed out on a walk was the day after Lindy found out that the foot was fractured and the doggie walk network was being established!

Comet sitting eager for a walk

I took advantage of that day and lay about with Lindy. I wish I was able to take the cuppa to her so she would not have to move much. Then again, I gave her lots of licks and wags as well as moral support, so that would have helped her healing process. Some of the friends did check on Lindy to make sure she got what she need, but I think they were more concerned about me!

Oh! Some of you may be wondering how she fractured her foot. No, she didn’t fall off her bike, nor jumped out of an aeroplane. She just tripped over her shoe while carrying a washing basket, lost her balance, smacked her foot against the leg of the bed and fractured it. So the moral of the story is that housework is dangerous and it is safer to ride a bike, run with a dog or even jump out of an aeroplane

Let us do our best to make every day the best that it can be

While there are things that we can’t control nor change, we can work on things that we can control. We can work on something positive, show our care to others and do what we can to support each other.

For mental health, look for at least three positive things every day

This can be anything you see, hear, smell, do and even think. For example,
– The roses in the garden smell wonderful;
– Lindy and I had a nice long walk this morning;
– I heard Lindy laughing at the football commentator commentating  the mothers’ strollers race.

For physical health, do at least 30 minutes of exercise every day

I take Lindy out for a walk, and she takes herself into the garage for her exercise.

For those working from home, get up and move at least every hour. If we go and get a drink from the kitchen, we can incorporate hydration and movement all in one task. I follow Lindy into the kitchen thus incorporating a drink and movement, while at the same time hoping for a treat.

This is the time to look after each other

We can all connect with our family and friends through phone calls and messages. When we make the call, be sure to have something funny or positive to say to the other person. This is the time we need to have constructive and positive ideas. Laughter is the best medicine.

I am not real good at Facebook. I will aim to post something on Lindy’s webpage every few days. Please send me a note, especially something funny, via email and I will add to the page.


“Let’s care for each other, stay home, avoid shops and keep a good distance from others.”

This is the tail of Lindy’s Comet.


Woof Woof
Comet Hou

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