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Lots of activities

Since the April Newsletter,

– Lindy and I have been to the Northern Beaches Secondary College, Cromer Campus, to inspire over 140 Year 9 students at their Inspired Day;

– Lindy swam 4km at the MS Mega Swim while I slept the afternoon away;

– Lindy has been learning to row on the Rowing Machine;

– We celebrated Mother’s Day with a yummy breakfast

So, what is next?

Inaugural QLD Indoor Rowing Championships

The reason Lindy has been learning to row on a rowing machine is that she is preparing to compete at the Queensland Indoor Rowing Championships in June.

I am glad that she has been taking rowing lessons from Kerry. Her last attempt at a rowing competition two years ago nearly ended in disaster for me.

“Lindy is going to work on her technique . . . By the next competition she should be able to row smoothly down the stream without threatening to row over me! I was quite scared sitting in the front row watching the race when she rowed the machine toward me!” (News from Harper the Guide Dog, November 2012).

I like taking Lindy to the Energy Fitness Centre. While Lindy trains, I can lay near the reception with my harness off and greet everyone who comes through.

MS 24 Hours Mega Swim

Thanks everyone for the good wishes and support for the MS Mega Swim. Lindy ended up swimming 4km in around one and three quarter hour. The FIT team completed 57 km and they raised over $4,000 for MS.

Lindy had a bit of trouble locating the black line during the swim but still managed to avoid the lane rope, the wall and other people. There were two other teams who shared the lane with her FIT team. I think the only reason she didn’t crash into anyone was that they got out of her way!

The Lambing Flat Chinese Festival

I guided Lindy and a few of her friends to Young for the Lambing Flat Chinese Festival. It was an educational tour for me. I learned that Young’s ‘Lambing Flat Chinese Festival … marks its turbulent gold rush history, the riots of 1861 and the important contribution of the Chinese in the development of Australia’.

The Lambing Flat Chinese Festival in April this year was a peaceful event with a re-enactment of the riots; Chinese dancing performance by school children; lion dancing; and fireworks.

Lindy and her friends enjoyed the performance of “life’s a Stage” by the Australasia Art and Stageworks Inc. The performance was about the life of a Chinese Opera Singer who fell in love with a wealthy Chinese boy. The acting and singing was first class.

The highlight for me was guiding Lindy up to the stage in Anderson Park where she gave an enlightening interview to Daphne. Link to the interview with Daphne.


That’s about it for this month’s message from the Black Labrador.


“It is not what people say to you, it is how you interpret what they say that really matter”